Not Slowing Down At All

The funny thing about being a call center drone is the fact that, well, the holidays might as well not exist for us, except as special instances where our pay gets rare increases.  While today wasn’t a holiday in the normal sense, you kind of get the feeling that it was for everyone else.  The stations for the buses with provincial routes were packed with people, and there were slightly less people on the streets than usual, which is noticeable for a Monday.  Still managed to get to the office without getting late, though without the “fit to work” form I’m supposed to have with me (though one has to wonder how I’d be able to get one at that hour).  Kind of lucked out with that though, as our team TC wasn’t on duty.

Oh, and due to the fact that the 25th was considered a holiday (and as such meant that all banks would be closed), our salary arrived today, which brought more than a little relief to all of us on duty.  I withdrew my pay — all eight thousand and five hundred of it — during my break, but only deposited it in the bank around noon.  I deducted four thousand pesos from it to pay for my VISA credit card bill (which should bring it down below ten thousand pesos at last), but given how the PLDT bill for the month had a good amount deducted from it, it didn’t feel as painful as usual.

Technically went straight to bed once I got home. Missed my cousin, who paid the house a visit, but I did try (and failed) to get my baby nephew to crawl across the bedding over to me.  The goof just smiled at me, and when I held my arms to him, the little guy just used them as support to stand and wobble over to me.  Doesn’t he know that there’s an order to these things?  Can’t stand before crawling!

P.S. We bought a new microwave yesterday.  Since we couldn’t find something from American Standard, my sister settled for a White Westinghouse model.  Relatively cheap too, barely around two thousand five hundred pesos all told.


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