Post-Noche Buena Lag

Still haven’t quite recovered from the Christmas dinner we had this morning.  After the usual pictures (with the baby being forcibly woken to be able to take part in his first Christmas), and video conference with nanay (who stayed in the background throughout and fussing over the baby when we were in the living room) the dinner followed, and as usual there was a whole lot of food that the four of us adults couldn’t possibly finish in one sitting.  So full.  I swear all that food carried over.

Since it was a holiday, there weren’t too many people on the streets.  It was like a Sunday really, with few vehicles too.  Managed to get to work without getting late despite this, though the shift itself seesawed between relaxed and stressful due to the queue.  I swear, why where all of these Americans even out during Christmas eve anyway?

Anyway, feeling really tired, so turning in early.  Just waiting for the expeditions  set in Kantai Collection to all come back, so I could set them for the long (4+ hour) expeditions.  Then bed.  Definitely bed.


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