From Frustration To Going All-In

It’s the first day of my weekend, so those already familiar with my habits know what to expect.  I didn’t want to wake up early… But woke up about two hours before the alarm rang anyway.  Spent the intervening time trying to continue where I left off in Kantai Collection — which is to say trying to finish the Arpeggio collab event.  And at around nine-thirty or so, right on time, came both the phone alarm and my father telling me to get off my arse and start on the laundry already.

Spent around an hour or so on the laundry (it always amazes me how much we accumulate during the week, seriously), all the while “listening” to Soviet Storm:  Stalingrad being played on my cellphone (I saved the History Channel special to watch on it).  After helping tatay rinse said clothes and put them to dry, it was back upstairs to Kantai Collection.  

Lunch aside, it turned into a frustrating few hours as I tried and failed eleven straight times at the E-3 map.  Maya (from Arpeggio) would somehow find a way to hit one of my girls and reduce her to critical/red status, which would force me to end the sortie prematurely and return to base to repair.  With my resources going low and my frustration mounting, I threw caution to the wind, loaded the three allied Arpeggio ships available to me (tsundere heavy cruiser Takao, Iona, and battleship Haruna), then hit E-3 again with abandon.  Three straight sorties with three straight wins followed, but I was more relieved than happy at the end of it, really.

Kantai E-3 clear
Somehow, this victory feels so… phyrric.

And Kancolle’s I-401 received as a reward.  That said, my resources have been pretty much drained by the event.  Hard to imagine I started at around 30k+ each during the 24th…  And with two of my fleets reserved for unlocking Expedition 30, this means I have only a single fleet left for Resource Expedition duty.  At best, it’ll be three or more days before I can even think of farming the cleared event maps for rare ships.

Talk about pissing one's riches down the drain.
Talk about pissing one’s riches down the drain.

Well, time to get those resources back.


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