Unwelcome Surprises Into This New Year

It’s hard to appreciate the first day of the new year, when there’s so much unpleasantness going into it.  

For example, I’m still not quite sure if our longstanding internet problems have been resolved.  When the connection seemed to be cutting off again as if on schedule night after night (THE prime reason why I wasn’t able to put down any entry for the past few evenings leading up to the new year, as we would always be without any sort of internet connection), that I had more than a few choice words to PLDT, especially during New Year’s eve, where we were supposed to teleconference with nanay  during the countdown.  

Tonight we have net access again, but who knows how long it’ll last, so I better put in this entry while I can.

Another is the fact that, as I got home, I was met with the news that apparently my baby nephew, who in the morning when I left for work suffering a slight fever but was otherwise his usual baby self, apparently had that same fever skyrocket to around 40 degrees or so, and actually suffered a slight seizure because of it.  His mother, my sister, and his father, obviously had to rush him to the hospital.  Although seemingly in no danger, they’re going to stay overnight at the hospital so he can be observed, to find what caused his fever to spike (my sister mentioned something about a possible urinary tract infection).  

I was surprised how seemingly unaffected my father was despite this — he still went about his usual Wednesday habits of going to Baclaran Church for mass — he did say he was going straight to the hospital immediately afterward.  It’s his first grandson, so I’m quite sure that he’s shaken up a bit inside.

As for myself, well, suffice to say that I’m not a happy camper.  A whole lot of calls today, and too few people to take them all in.  Seriously, what were all these people doing during New Year’s Eve anyway, still calling in like that?  Ugh.  So stressed out as a result, and this was before I got home and learned the news about my nephew.  And I think playing WOT just made the stress worse — experienced a 0-6 lose streak, and on the IS-6 at that, so I figured, fsk this, going to sleep off some of the frustration.

Which I just did.


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