Temporary Solutions

It’s been one heck of a weekend, let me tell you.

I woke early, despite my best efforts.  Since my father stayed overnight at the hospital, I had the house to myself.  Though there was laundry to do, as our cousin took care of most of the laundry hamper’s contents when she came back this Wednesday, all I had to worry about was a pair of jeans, a bath towel, some socks, a polo shirt, a scarf, and some underwear.  I didn’t start at them immediately though, as I soon discovered that we apparently didn’t have any laundry soap left.

I soaked the laundry in soapy water anyway (we still had powdered laundry soap).  I cooked for myself some breakfast, did what I could while we had internet connection, then it was off to the grocery to buy some bars of soap.  I bought three long bars of the Surf brand, then it was back home.  I took down the laundry that’s been hanging out to dry for the past two days inside first, then started on the little laundry I had to wash.

My uncle arrived while I was finished with the scrubbing, and was about to do the rinsing.  Like yesterday, there wasn’t really anyone to entertain him, as his brother, my father, was still watching over the baby.  I still let him in however, and once I finished the laundry (meaning rinsed and then hung to dry), I gave him some food to eat, some iced tea to drink, and let him watch TV.  I apologized that this was the best that I could do for him, but without tatay around, I wasn’t sure what else I could do.  So I went out to buy prepaid load, then called my father on his cellphone.  I let them talk a bit, but my uncle soon excused himself to leave after that.

I gave him some extra money for fare, as well as my father’s cellphone number so he can tell us when he’s going to visit.

My anger flared up again when the house lost its internet connection around two in the afternoon.  Called PLDT, and gave them a piece of my mind for about half an hour, then I left for the closest net shop that had a decent connection speed, where I stayed for about two hours.  When I got back home, tatay was already home, but our internet still wasn’t fixed. I called PLDT again, and gave them more pieces of my mind. This time around though, a temporary solution was done, and so here I am, able to make a journal entry on schedule.  It’s still slow however, but at least its something.

Hopefully something more permanent can be worked out, or else I’ll be calling PLDT again very soon.


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