Moving And Shaking

Despite it being a weekend and one of my well-deserved days off, my father dragged me out of bed by proxy, and with that same indignant tone of voice he uses whenever he disapproves of what I’m doing, made me accompany him to pick up a food stand trolley that one of my sister’s co-workers was leaving behind, as said co-worker was moving to Laguna (I think) and couldn’t bring it with her. When we got there though, said co-worker had left, and we had no idea where to pick up said food-trolley, so we walked back home, with my father grumbling about how I should learn to make the most of my time, and how had we left earlier we wouldn’t have to come home empty-handed.

I didn’t get a chance to settle in much once we got back home, as my father had sent my sister a message, and she replied with much clearer instructions for us.  Off we went again, but this time around we went straight for the landlord, and there it was… a disassembled food stand.  I boggled at how we’d be able to carry all of it back home, but that quickly got solved when my father flagged down a tricycle for us.  Even in pieces though I was worried that the tricycle wouldn’t be able to transport everything, and I had to make sure one of the biggest parts didn’t fall off the back (I was riding behind the tricycle driver for the trip home).  

Once we arrived in our neighborhood (and our transportation paid off), there was a lot of huffing and puffing as we lugged the pieces to the front of the house.  There we left the pieces, as there was no place to put it inside the house anyway, plus it would make it easier for my brother-in-law to pick up later on.

The rest of the day passed somewhat slowly.  My father went passive-aggressive on me for the rest of the day about how I should watch my weight, but he’s just repeating what I was made well aware about six months ago.  That said it’s just in time, as I’m already curbing my intake.  Let’s just see if it yields results…

Aside from that, nothing much to share really.  Just tweaked my finally-accessible Steam library, and played Kantai Collection on the side.  I’m a bit annoyed that I can’t seem to play X-Com (either EU or EW), so lets see if a reinstall fixes that.  And as for Kancolle…

Finally the Lucky Crane joins my ranks, sheesh.  Rainbow Holo rarity is hard...
Finally the Lucky Crane joins my ranks, sheesh. Rainbow Holo rarity is hard…

Yeah, got both of the Crane sisters now.  Now if only I could get some bears (aka Mikuma or Kumano, mostly Kumano) before the Arpeggio event ends next week…

P.S. Enrollment period once again upon me.  Given the state of my savings, I’m considering just paying for residency for now.

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