A Delayed New Year’s Feast With The Family

Thankfully the day at work didn’t end as stressful as I’d feared.  This, despite the fact that we were down two people from the team.  The queue was manageable, and whatever spikes there were got quickly dealt with.  And add to this the weird Avaya errors everyone on-duty suffered during the last forty-five minutes, well, you can say that all that was missing was for most of us to snooze in between our calls.

As promised to my father, rather than go home, I hopped onto the MRT in the direction of Trinoma, as my sister insisted on a double-celebration for her family’s first New Year with the baby as well as him being let out of the hospital.  I agreed to meet my father at the stairway just outside the turnstile… and it turns out we were on the same train, except we rode on different cars.

Once we got to my sister’s house, the eating started.  Barbecued pork and lechon manok, a bilao of pancit malabon, and some siomai too.  All this, pushed down by cool pineapple juice and soda.

The baby was in full spirits too, smiling like he usually did.  One wouldn’t believe that he had suffered a seizure and high fever due to a urinary tract infection just a few days before. Heck, when placed on his walker, he was walking around all over the place.  My father kept an eye on him though, but this was punctuated with the old guy trying to feed his grandson the water melon he had somehow sneaked on the MRT in his backpack.

All that eating was topped off with some cheese and ube iced cream.  Suffice to say everyone there got stuffed, buh.

We didn’t stay for long, as we had to beat the crowds on the MRT, so we said our goodbyes at around five-thirty, and headed home.


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