Starting The Week Slow

Today was the usual Monday, though I would have done without waking up to my father nagging me about my weight.  Hmph.

As usual the shift at work was pretty relaxed.  Not enough to fall asleep in between calls, but close enough, with the queue after lunch becoming virtually nonexistent.

Reactivated my MyDLSU account again, but I’m not seeing anything even remotely concerning an enrollment.  Did I miss it somehow?  I might just have to go to the department tomorrow to double-check, though yeah, it does seem like I’m just going to pay for residency.

Managed to get most of my old Steam games working again, which means Skyrim, New Vegas, and XCOM.  That said, I’ve lost all of my old mods from previous external HD, so now I’m faced with the arduous task of downloading them all over again.  Ugh.

Once more, here’s to hoping that tomorrow’s shift isn’t too stressful.


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