Dodging Some Changes

Despite my fears, the shift today was relatively low on the stress-producing meter.  Although there were a lot of calls (as expected of a Tuesday), there were more than enough people on duty to service most of them, mostly due to some of the evening-shift people doing some overtime.  And that’s a good thing, as  was nodding in and out for the whole shift.  I finally was able to grab some shut-eye during my lunch-break, though it wasn’t an uninterrupted nap as I’d have wanted, as I kept waking myself up via snoring.  Ugh.

Apparently schedule changes are in order, but this time around the one that got assigned to me seemed off, especially since it had me sign off about fifteen minutes earlier than usual.  Hmm.  I had our team coach look into it, so hopefully it gets fixed.

And it’s enrollment yet again.  Yeah, off to DLSU for me again, but this time definitely going to have to go on residency, at least for a term, while I sort my reference materials out.


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