Ended Better Than Usual

I was worried that it’d be another frustrating Wednesday (remember, there are only two of us on duty for the day), but it didn’t turn out that way because one of our team took the time to put in rest-day OT again.  Although she was with us only up to ten in the morning, it was more than enough help, as her shift covered the span of time with the heavier call volume.

Other than that, yet another unremarkable day at the office.  When I got out, it was a little too sunny for comfort, so I put on my sunglasses attachment for my glasses, then hopped onto a jeepney… only to notice how dark things had become by the time I got to the MRT station.  Maybe it was raining hard north?  There were a whole lot of dark clouds towards Manila, that’s for sure.

I only briefly stopped by the house to retrieve my bag (and recharge my cel), then off it was to DLSU.  After some bureaucratic hoops that I had to jump through, I was able to reserve a term’s worth of residency.  This is what I get for avoiding meeting my mentor for the whole of December.  Oh well, time to save up again, and finally finish that proposal before my father gets even more crabby.

And boy, was he at his worst again.  Came up to the door of my room, and let me have it with a sermon that started about how it seems that taking my master’s degree takes an ungodly amount of time that could be used for other more important things (like what, pray tell) and ending about how I’ve let myself go with regards with my weight (something I’m all-too aware of already, thanks).  I gave him the silent treatment, so he gave up, and escaped to my sister’s room to watch a cold-war movie with David Niven in it.

Well, time to stop wasting time, and finish that proposal then.  Deadline is the 22nd of February.  Let’s see if I can have something to show to my mentor to prove that I’m worth keeping as a mentee.


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