Out Like A Light Means Early To Rise

I was probably the most surprised when I woke up around four in the morning today.  You see when I went to bed late in the afternoon yesterday, my plan was to wake up at around nine to do my usual nightly activities (aka browsing the internet), but either my phone’s alarm didn’t ring (unlikely), or I slept so soundly that the alarm didn’t register (very likely).

In any case, since I was awake anyway, it mean’t that I was able to do many of the stuff I so during the weekend earlier than usual… Like some of the Kantai Collection daily quests.  As of this writing of this post, I think this is the first time I’ve ever reduced my quest log to a single page.  Feels so strange really.

This is HIGHLY unusual (aka I don't usually do quests so diligently).
This is HIGHLY unusual (aka I don’t usually do quests so diligently).

Of course, this also extends to the chores, which meant laundry.  Although my father put in the laundry to soak (in water filled with laundry powder) around five or so, I didn’t go down to actually do the scrubbing and rinsing until well around seven.  By that point my father had left for his morning walk, though I was actually doing the preliminary rinsing by the time he came back with what looked like a bag of onions and some fish in hand (obviously for frying).

It wasn’t even mid-morning when I finished, and with all the clothes hung (though at that point it was actually looking dark, what with the clouds and all), lunch was next on the agenda.  At that point I relocated upstairs, and only came back down when my father finished.  A bath came soon after that, though the rest of my afternoon was spent in mindful indolence.  

I went to sleep again during the late afternoon, but as evidenced by this entry, I didn’t sleep through the evening

Now, for tomorrow, I’m given the choice to stay home, or go along with my father and meet my sister and the baby after his check-up.  On one hand, there’s spending time with the baby.  On the other hand, that alone time at home is tempting as well, hmm…

P.S. It was my payday today, but going to the bank (after my bath) to withdraw the money, then deposit the money into my own savings, went so smoothly, that I felt that it didn’t really need mentioning.  Much.


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