Lethargic From Nothing

Once again, it comes down to a Saturday where I have literally nothing to do.  I honestly spent the day bouncing between lying on my bed reading, and browsing the net on our desktop.  Par for course, I suppose.

Despite what my father said the other day, he didn’t actually leave until well past lunch time, as that was the time my sister sent out an SMS message to him.  Obviously the birth certificate we had was needed for the check-up, so with the document in tow (put inside an old glossy USA 2005 calendar of all things, as we couldn’t find an empty envelope to put it into) off he went to meet them in Quezon City.

I stayed behind, of course.  I continued what I was doing, but somehow managed to cook rice when it hit late afternoon.  Neither of us would get to eat it though, as my sister had treated tatay to Mang Inasal, while I was just not hungry (cold weather tends to kill appetite for me, and it was very cool this afternoon).

Since I didn’t take a nap for the afternoon, I’m feeling like nodding off at this point.  The only thing keeping me awake is the fact that, well, the sub of this afternoon’s episode of Log Horizon usually shows up late in the evening.  So here I am, trying to keep awake via Kantai Collection and anime backlog clean-up (in this case, Noukome).


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