A Little Late For Chills

I’m kind of annoyed at how we’re getting all of this cold weather just now.  Where was it during December?  Ugh.

As much as I can appreciate it making sleeping during the evenings easier, it also makes rising from bed during the mornings difficult as well.  Thankfully it hasn’t gotten me late for work just yet.

Got to work somewhat early, despite watching part of Nisekoi’s episode 1 before I left.  The queue was bearable, but then again there were a lot of other agents on-duty on top of my team,  so that probably had something to do with it.  As for the day itself, it was mostly sunny, but was pretty cloudy by the time I got out in the afternoon, though that did make it easier for me to just walk to the station for a change.

Thinking of turning in early again, but tomorrow’s usually a slow day so… 


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