A Nice Start So Far

I’m still constantly amazed at how my father could change tact in the middle of a discussion just to sermon me.  In this case, when I mentioned that I spotted a mouse running around, he went from talking about how he’d have to buy a new batch of glue paper immediately to how I shouldn’t leave my drinking glasses on the table without putting them on a placemat.  And he does this without missing a beat too.  

It’s a Monday, so I know what I can expect at work — a slow day, with few calls divvied up among the team leading to massive avail times.  And that’s exactly what I got.  It’s kind of too bad I wasn’t able to take advantage of that to actually nap, like my teammates, but that’s what I get for leaving the can of coffee unopened until lunchtime.  Hmm.

As usual, Tuesday tomorrow. Hopefully everyone who needs to come in, does.


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