Sweet Curry, Spicy Curry, Salty Curry

My day  off started as usual, which is to say way too early for my liking.  Despite how cold it was, my father somehow managed to put and lather our laundry earlier than usual, which meant that I had to follow up with scrubbing and rinsing also earlier than usual.  I think I was done with everything before nine thirty, which is something, as I planned to wake up at 9:30. Oh well.

It was up to me to prepare lunch, and since we discovered the other day that we had all of the spices needed to make a “natural” curry, we decided on chicken curry.  I was well into the starting phase (aka the ginger, garlic, and onions were already in the pot, as well as the chicken) when I noticed that, while we had carrots we didn’t have any potatoes.  This forced my father to run out and buy some, while I continued to put in the spices… Except I got worried that it would turn too spicy, so I thought to add some sugar to counteract the spiciness.

Then I spilled half the jar of  sugar into the pot.  Oops.  What followed was a panicked addition of more spices, and salt, to even out the flavor.  It worked somehow, and by the time my father got back, the mix was boiling properly.  In went the chopped carrots, potatoes, and to thicken the soup, milk (since we didn’t have any coconut milk).  It worked out, and the end result was a curry that at first seemed sweet, but soon turned spicy (and apparently, salty too, when my father and cousin ate it tonight for dinner).  Hmm.

My sister and her baby dropped by this time, but not before going to DFA first to both renew my sister’s passport and get my nephew his own.  


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