Drops In Temperature

It’s been pretty chilly over the past few days, likely due to a cold front coming in from the north.  The cold atmosphere made it easier to sleep, for sure, but it also made morning showers a pain, as I’d almost always have to use hot water to bath.

Today’s shift at work wasn’t too bad.  There were spikes in the queue, sure, but nothing we couldn’t handle, as everyone who was supposed to be on duty for the day came to work.  My only complaint this time around was how, despite the cool weather, everyone seemed to have set the air conditioning on the lowest temperature possible.  It’s like these people want to get sick or something…  Add to that how cloudy it was, then yeah, pretty much a great day for a nap.

Oh, and it’s also the Feast of the Santo Nino.  Just wanted to mention that.

Going to see what else I can do before bed.  Likely some more Kantai Collection, or X-Com.


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