Unexpected Starts

The last thing I expected to find when I arrived at the MRT station was a long and thick line of people trying to get in.  Mondays weren’t usually this bad, but there was little I could do but find a place in line, and hope it started moving before it got past the point that nothing I do could prevent me from getting late.  Thankfully the line did start moving, but from the time I got in line to the time I stepped on the train platform, I had gone from the first track in the Kill La Kill OST to Blumenkranz (the sixth track).  

When I got to Makati, there was a line snaking upward into the station starting from the sidewalk, so I suppose the situation at Taft station wasn’t an isolated event.

That aside, it was a relatively slow day at work, with the only other thing of note being the fact that, for some reason, all the A/Cs were set at 19 degrees, which was positively freezing where we were.  Add to this the fact that it was also cold outside, and it made me wonder whether these people wanted to get sick via sudden temperature changes or something.

As for when I got out, it was really dark and cloudy, but thankfully there was no rain to be had, though the cold weather will likely persist for a few days longer.


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