That Weekly Hurdle Passed

Managed to survive the Tuesday shift, despite yet another long line at the MRT station threatening to derail my “no tardy” plans for the month from the onset.  Still managed to get to work on time, but only just.

The queue today was on the bearable side, as no one was absent, which meant a mostly equal distribution of calls.  Still wished that they’d fix the A/C, as the four adjustment panels for the A/C blowers on our side of the floor were set to 19 degrees.  So if one didn’t want to be slowly chilled to death, the A/C vent for the area had to be turned off completely.  

Which I promptly did, regardless of my teammates objections.  Sometimes, one has to put their foot down with these things.

The rest of the day passed without much excitement however, which is exactly how I’d like it to be, though it did get pretty dark post-shift.  I was actually worried that it would rain hard before I got home…


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