Managed To Slide Through Yet Again

If anyone is wondering about the reason why I wasn’t able to make an entry yesterday, it was because I overslept again.  I went to bed at around five thirty for my afternoon nap, and set my phone’s alarm for eight-thirty in the evening… Except I apparently didn’t hear it, and so woke up at around two in the morning.  Yikes.  Since I was awake anyway, I figured that I’d use the time to somehow finish the remaining daily quests I had in Kantai Collection that I wasn’t able to do.  Due to the vagarities of RNG, that didn’t work out too well.  Still did as much as I could, then it was back to bed at around four thirty for an hour and a half’s worth of rest before I start for work.

In spite of myself, I wasn’t able to arrive to work on time.  There was a huge line at the MRT station today, and it took a while for me to even get down to the train platform.  By the time I got to the office building it was already eight, so I figured why bother rushing?  I was late anyway.  Needless to say, I took my time logging in after that point. 

Nothing much to add aside from that, really.  I got home, did the usual things I did during the afternoon, but I didn’t take a nap this time.  Oh, and my uncle Brend just arrived after dinner, but yeah, not much to add.

Oh, tomorrow’s payday, but it’s hard to drum up excitement for it when I know that a good chunk of it will be used to pay off another round of credit card bills.


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