Change Unexpected, Unwanted

Let’s get the work side of my day out of the way first shall we?  The long and short of it is that I got late to work, due to the dreaded long line at the MRT station combined with a long interval between the arrival of trains.  Ugh.

The shift itself was surprisingly bearable.  There were actually huge gaps in between calls close to the end of the shift, which made me wonder whether there was a holiday or something.  In any case, the first half of the day was more of the same, though I did get a bit of a reprieve after my lunch break, as I was allowed to go on Coaching Aux to do some required company exams… which it turns out I already finished a while back.  

Which meant that I had the rest of the “Coaching” time to myself, heh.

Oh, and it happened again — it being so sunny that I had to put on my sunglass attachment to avoid getting blinded, but by the time I got to the MRT station it was cloudy as heck.

As for the title of this post, it’s connected to the unexpected change brought by today’s patch of Kantai Collection.  Specifically, it’s something that makes it even more difficult for non-JP players to play the game, as they’re either forced to grab a new API link every one and a half hours, or play the gave via VPN full-time.  The latter method has its own set of issues, as using the VPN means sharing an IP with many other players… And DMM, the company that hosts the game, has already banned players for doing that.

I’m finding the regular API resets to be the lesser of annoyances, but this does mean that I won’t be able to play the game at work as I used to.  *sigh*  Really hope it’s a temporary thing, but I suppose getting used to the change quicker would be better.


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