Back With The Old

It was a strange experience, not being able to play Kantai Collection at work, after doing so every work day since at least December.  Can’t really get around it though, as with the regular API purges, there’s no real way for me to play the game at the office anymore.  Oh well, I can still play at home at the very least, so it’s not that big of a deal.  This did mean though that I’ve fallen back to my previous diversion, which is to say reading manga instead.

Oh, and despite encountering yet another long line at the MRT station today, I was able to get to the office in time.  That’s a big relief, really, as at least I’ll close the month on a good note

Paid off the PLDT and water bills, and it looks like my father’s going to handle the electric bill.  He commented on how low it’s actually gotten, at which I replied it was expected given how chilly evenings have been for the past few days.

Nothing really planned for tomorrow, aside from the expected chores.  I’ll just have to see when I get there I guess.

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