Took Shorter Than It Had Rights To

February 28, 2014

The highlight for the day obviously was the fact that I had to go and pick up my renewed passport at the DFA branch at the Megamall.  I didn’t leave early though, since the place opened at the same time the mall opened, so I still spent most of the morning in idleness.  Indeed, my sister, who had an appointment at a dermatologist in Makati, left earlier than me (though in her case to allow time to wander around Paseo de Roxas and actually find the clinic in question).

When I did leave though, the actual time it took to wait for my passport to be retrieved was actually very short, less than ten minutes in fact (at Area 6 hah).  By comparison, the trip to Ortigas was around twenty or so minutes, so technically I spent more time on the train, really

I didn’t go straight home after I got my passport though, and got down at Ayala for a short detour.  Had my hair trimmed, then a massage, but after that it was back to the house.

No surprise that the first question my sister asked me when I got home was whether or not I got our father’s passport as well.  I would have, except for the fact that I had no idea where he kept his receipt in, and what’s more, a signature was required when one retrieved the passport.  Obviously I can’t sign for my father now, can I?


Somewhat Pleasant

February 26, 2014

That’s to say that most of the day didn’t turn out stressful.  I got to work on time, and although I apparently was on Walmart duty day, I received less than ten calls from that particular queue all day, though the calls I did — or rather, the notes for them I had to do for documentation — were under constant scrutiny.  Had to redo some entries several times, as per guidance of my team coach.  Ugh.  Also had three QAs done on me, though I passed only two of them… which is good enough I suppose.

By the time I got home though… Well suffice to say, I didn’t care anymore and just went to bed, without setting an alarm.  The fact that I woke up at ten in the evening says a lot, especially since I went to bed at around four-thirty.  I was just that worn-out I suppose, though much of that was fatigue built over the past few days finally catching up with me.

Here’s to hoping that tomorrow will be more of the same, though in this line of work, can’t be too hopeful.

Not Really Bad, In Hindsight

February 25, 2014

Aside from the fact that I was barely able to have breakfast, my morning started mostly without a hitch.  There were no long lines at the MRT station — very likely due to the fact that it was a holiday, being the EDSA anniversary and all — and I was able to jump into the train that was already there.  The traffic at Pasong Tamo extension wasn’t too bad either, which was why I was able to arrive at the office little more than five minutes after seven.

The shift itself was one of the more laid-back ones, for a Tuesday anyway, to my relief.  Long avail times, and little if any spikes in the queue.  Couldn’t relax as much as I wanted though, but that’s largely the fault of where I was seated — close to one of the A/C vents.

Since I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to prepare a proper breakfast tomorrow, I bought myself some La Paz Batchoy on the way back home.  Ate some, but I left enough for tomorrow morning. After that, it was a nap until around eight.

Kind of hope that tomorrow would be just as laid-back, but in this business, it’s better to prepare for the worst instead.

When All You Have Are Mondays

February 24, 2014

I wish I could say that I managed to start my day well, but truth be told I just narrowly avoided disaster.  Only managed to haul myself out of bed at six-thirty, and only arrived at the MRT station around seven.  By that time, the dreaded lines were already starting to form at the turnstiles, but I somehow managed to get in, and what’s more, jump into the waiting train once I got down to the platform (which soon started on its way too).

Shift was usual for a Monday, in that there were long avail times in between calls, though the fact that the bad connection pretty much forced me to raise my voice at times didn’t help things — and also made one of my co-workers relocate, as she didn’t want to be bothered by my bellowing.  I’m actually worried about my evaluations for this month as a result, as loud voices usually come out as rude-sounding when listened to in a recording, ugh.

On to more pleasant surprises… We got our salary a day early, apparently due to the fact that it’s a holiday tomorrow.  This meant the usual routine for yours truly however; as soon as I got off the shift, I withdrew my salary, then it was off to the bank to deposit part of it, and use the other part to pay off my credit card bill (for the VISA this time).

Had two close calls with my credit card by the way at one of the ATMs I normally used (in this case the Metrobank one at Alphaland).  It took my ATM card twice, and held it for a while, twice (really, I should have learned the first time).  Good thing it gave it back.

Tuesday again tomorrow.  The usual hope is that there’s going to be no CS or Walmart calls, but knowing my luck…

Baited And Switched

February 23, 2014

I was kind of prepared for yet another grueling Sunday at work, but it turned out that my concerns weren’t merited… for now.  It was actually incredibly relaxed for most of the shift, with extra-large avail times in between calls at one point.  This last bit is amazing, especially when one considers how there were only like three of us on-call.

In the end, I mostly ended up taking up application calls, though there was the occasional merchant call intersped in between.  Thankfully there were no Walmart calls, though I have to watch out for Tuesday… Ah.

Jumped into bed as soon as I got home.  Was really tired, and wasn’t really in the mood for anything else.  Sleep debt was catching up on me, in more ways that one.

Start Of A Week Alone

February 22, 2014

I woke up today to my father telling me that he’s leaving for the province again.  This leaves me alone for the week, which obviously meant that his parting words were a whole lot of instructions, focusing on not making a mess of the house while he was away.  Easy enough, really.

I went back to bed after that, but I got out sometime around ten or so to prepare for my lunch (and dinner in this case).  Whipped up something quick made up of carrots, tomatoes, vermicelli, pork, a potato (yes, singular), and a whole lot of spices and herbs.  Topped off with a liter and a half of cola, and you can say I was more than ready enough for the day.

Most which was of course spent either in front of the PC, or reading on my bed.  Intersped amidst these sessions was me getting the clothes from where they were hung outside, taking them in, folding them, and putting them into their respective places in our clothes cabinets.

After which, it was back to the PC for the rest of the afternoon.  

Not So Restive

February 21, 2014

Go figure.  Rather than wake up early, I woke up at past nine-thirty this time, comparatively later than the time I woke last week.  All that Admiral experience grinding must have gotten to me.

Still managed to do the laundry, though in this case, by the time I was finished (and my father was done putting said clothes out to dry), it was already lunch.

Spent the rest of the day in idleness, so I’ll just let everyone fill in the blanks there.

Oh, and my father is headed to the province again for the week.  Which means I’m to fend to myself until next Saturday.  Lovely.