Took Shorter Than It Had Rights To

The highlight for the day obviously was the fact that I had to go and pick up my renewed passport at the DFA branch at the Megamall.  I didn't leave early though, since the place opened at the same time the mall opened, so I still spent most of the morning in idleness.  Indeed, my … Continue reading Took Shorter Than It Had Rights To

Somewhat Pleasant

That's to say that most of the day didn't turn out stressful.  I got to work on time, and although I apparently was on Walmart duty day, I received less than ten calls from that particular queue all day, though the calls I did -- or rather, the notes for them I had to do … Continue reading Somewhat Pleasant

Not Really Bad, In Hindsight

Aside from the fact that I was barely able to have breakfast, my morning started mostly without a hitch.  There were no long lines at the MRT station -- very likely due to the fact that it was a holiday, being the EDSA anniversary and all -- and I was able to jump into the … Continue reading Not Really Bad, In Hindsight

When All You Have Are Mondays

I wish I could say that I managed to start my day well, but truth be told I just narrowly avoided disaster.  Only managed to haul myself out of bed at six-thirty, and only arrived at the MRT station around seven.  By that time, the dreaded lines were already starting to form at the turnstiles, … Continue reading When All You Have Are Mondays

Baited And Switched

I was kind of prepared for yet another grueling Sunday at work, but it turned out that my concerns weren't merited... for now.  It was actually incredibly relaxed for most of the shift, with extra-large avail times in between calls at one point.  This last bit is amazing, especially when one considers how there were … Continue reading Baited And Switched

Start Of A Week Alone

I woke up today to my father telling me that he's leaving for the province again.  This leaves me alone for the week, which obviously meant that his parting words were a whole lot of instructions, focusing on not making a mess of the house while he was away.  Easy enough, really. I went back to … Continue reading Start Of A Week Alone

Not So Restive

Go figure.  Rather than wake up early, I woke up at past nine-thirty this time, comparatively later than the time I woke last week.  All that Admiral experience grinding must have gotten to me. Still managed to do the laundry, though in this case, by the time I was finished (and my father was done … Continue reading Not So Restive