A Hint Of Warmth

Unlike the past few days, it was actually warm this morning, which meant that I didn’t have to heat up the water before I could take a bath this time around.  It’s kind of funny, how summer is once again just around the corner.

Managed to get to work on time, and with everyone who’s supposed to be on duty actually around, the call queue was more than manageable.  Plus, since the API reset seems to have been extended (at least until the next update anyway), I was able to play Kantai Collection at the office again without much fuss.

Oh, and it was very sunny when I finally got out in the afternoon.  Unlike the previous instances last week however, it stayed sunny, with nary a cloud in the sky to provide shade.  It made my walk from the office a lot warmer than usual, but it wasn’t so hot as to be uncomfortable.


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