Remote Birthdays And Bureaucratic Hoops

Although it was technically my mother’s birthday yesterday, I was only able to give her a proper greeting via video conference early this morning. And since she’s in the US, that meant that it was still her birthday, at least where she was.

I woke up really early today.  As in earlier than usual.  It’s a sure sign that I woke up way too early since I had this ringing headache as soon as I got out of bed, and what’s more it persisted for most of my waking hours too.

Oh, and it turned out that rather than tomorrow, the schedule for my passport renewal was apparently today instead.  This meant that I had to finish the laundry as early as I could.  Gotta love that sense of urgency.

Rather than the old place, we were to head out to Megamall instead, which admittedly surprised me.  We left the house around one in afternoon, but by the time we got to the station I lost sight of my father just as he went to buy a discounted ticket via his senior citizen card.  I waited for a while, before finally heading down to the platform.  I waited there for a bit again, before I lost my patience and finally called him on his cellphone.  Turns out that he already got on the previous train, and left me behind.  *groan*

After meeting up again at Ortigas, it was off to the DFA branch in the new Megamall extension.  Once we got there, well let’s just say that there was a lot of waiting to be done.  Just to give you an idea, it had gotten to the point that my sister and the baby had actually arrived at the house, and were waiting outside because they didn’t have a key.  It took that long.

When the payment and encoding steps were finally over and done with, with the payment receipt in tow (and feeling some nine hundred and fifty pesos poorer), it was back home we went.  Since we didn’t have the processing done on express, me and tatay will have to come back on the 28th to get the new passports.

And when we got home?  Well there was a lot of food in celebration of my mom’s birthday, meaning a large bilao of pancit malabon, pork barbecue skewers, and chocolate log cake.


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