The Stuff One Needs To Get Used To

So far waking up early seems to be working.  Since I got everything done earlier, I was able to head out to the office more than an hour in advance, which helped me avoid the unmoving lines I’d usually encounter had I gone at the usual time.  That said there were still a lot of people, but hey, no lines makes things worth it I think.

Aside from it being payday, there isn’t really much to say about my day at work.  We did get a bit of excitement with the surprise arrival of FIS auditors, which inspired a rushed and panicked clean-up of everyone’s work stations.  Hilariously, the auditors — a group of foreign gents in suits as usual — arrived on the floor just as the final clean-up was being done, and what’s worse, it was when several of the people on-duty were shouting at each other in Filipino, rather than the expected English. Whoops.

Ten or so nerver-wracking minutes followed, as the dignitaries were showed around the floor.  We basically had to play nice, which meant no manga browsing!  Ahaha.  

Anyway, with the auditors exiting the floor, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, then it was business as usual.  Was even able to walk to the station after the shift.

Oh yeah, payday.  It was a bit of a relief, as I literally had nothing left to withdraw in my bank account.  Will still have to pay off the usual Mastercard charges in a few days, but for now, I have funds to spend again.


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