I messed up this morning, and rather than leaving for the MRT station around six as planned, I was only able to leave around six-thirty or so.  This meant that when I arrived at the station, the dreaded long line was already in place, but at least it was still mobile.  The same could not be said for the vehicular traffic that greeted me at Pasong Tamo extension, which barely moved during the time I was there.  As a result, rather than making it to the office an hour early, I got there thirty minutes early.  

Yes, yes, I wasn’t late, but that was still a demonstration of just why I started waking up early to begin with.  Urgh.

The day at work wasn’t much better.  The queue was backed up as usual, and the worse of it was the fact that the Walmart queue was once more filled to the brim.  I hate Walmart CS calls, and I’ve never ceased to say so to anyone who deigns to listen.  Still, with the new monitoring system in place, I guess it won’t be easy anymore to conveniently drop them…  Blah.

Needless to say, sleep was on my immediate agenda once I got home.


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