Transient Chills ‘Tis Valentines

It was surprisingly cool this morning, to the point that I had to get up somewhat early and turn off the electric fan, to keep from shivering.  It was a marked difference from the balmy weather that characterized the previous week, for sure, though how long this will last is unknown.  Still it was pretty nice, if only because it made spending the afternoon in my room bearable.

Because it was nice and cool, it took me a while to crawl out of bed this time around.  Around nine-thirty, all told, but it didn’t take me that long to jump to full wakefulness… Which meant it was off to do the laundry, as usual.  To dispel the quiet, I had my cellphone play Pacific Rim in the background.  All told, it took me up to the attack on Hong Kong before I finished my chores, at which it was eleven o’clock already.  That meant it was lunch, so I availed myself of a brunch (I hadn’t taken my breakfast yet) of fried rice, salted eggs, and tomatoes.  Yum.

Since there was a long update for Kantai Collection (Marriage system and all that), I busied myself during the afternoon. Mostly just reading, alternated with X-Com EW.

My sister and the baby arrived in the afternoon as scheduled.  It’s starting to get really dangerous keeping stuff on the tables, as the baby can now walk (with an adult holding his hand), and can grab stuff.

Doing a few more things (finally downloaded the Skyrim OST for example), but it’s bed for me after this.


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