Went As Required

After putzing around during the early morning, it was off to school to get some quiet time to do some reading and research away from distractions like, say, a certain browser about anthropomorphic IJN ships.  It was mostly fruitful, though I’m still nowhere close to finishing that proposal.  That image is getting clearer though, so I suppose it’s just a matter of finding a quiet place to do some actual typing.  Hoping to do that within the week.

Aside from that, there was some sort of event at DLSU today.  Lots of stands, and a lot of people.  Was tempted to pick out a jacket for myself, then I remembered that I had just deducted two thousand pesos off my savings to pay off my Mastercard bill for the month. Drat.

Oh, and something to be a little miffed about: how the WiFi at DLSU is incredibly inconsistent.  

Anyway, hoping to a restful evening in prep for tomorrow.  Hopefully that karaoke party going on tonight stops after midnight…


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