Tried Not To Get Pulled Under

What could I say?  Today’s shift at work was pretty bad.

I woke up early, though in hindsight it’s not that much of a need, given how it was a Sunday, which meant there weren’t any long and pesky lines I needed to avoid.  Still, it did have its perks, as I was able to grab a ride on an early train.

Once I logged in at work though, argh, the trial began almost immediately.  Due to one of the team going full-time and letting herself get transferred to the evening shift, we were one person short for the shift, and with the other guy not around, it basically left two of us to do the work of five people.  Even with the two people on overtime, it was basically wall-to-wall calls.  What’s worse about this was how I was also forced to take in CS calls, though I got off lightly compared to my companion, who was set on Priority for Walmart calls.

The only real break we had was during our break times, and the queue only really start to let up at noon.  That was just how bad it was.

Needless to say, I was very happy to get home, and jumped into the sack immediately when I did.  I was just that drained. 


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