Dodged One, Tempting Another

It comes to show just how terrible the situation is getting when, despite getting up early and getting to the MRT station a whole lot earlier than I usually do, I still managed to encounter a whole lot of people at the station already, and what’s worse, there was already a line forming to the turnstiles.  At the very least the line hadn’t reached the outside of the station yet, though one wonders just how long that situation lasts.

The shift at work wasn’t as bad, as far as Tuesdays go.  Indeed, in some ways it was more mellow than yesterday’s shift, and I could only recall one instance of the queue spiking on us.  The avail time in between calls were substantial as well, though still not enough to completely relax.  Indeed, the only bit of excitement I personally got for the day was when my station somehow blue-screened on me, which is the first time it’s ever happened at work.

After relocating (unfortunately under one of the A/C vents), things continued at a somewhat relaxed pace.  I think I got a single CS call all day, of which I was very thankful for, though with the announcement that from this point on it’s going to be a critical work month (meaning, no absences allowed), and what’s more our team is being pulled in to shore up the Walmart scores, well, I can foresee some very stressful days on the horizon.

And yes,  went to bed as soon as I got home.  I’m thinking these three-hour after-work naps are what keep me going, these days.


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