Back-To-Back, Wall-To-Wall

Today’s shift was pretty much one of the worst in recent memory.  Almost non-stop Walmart calls, to the point where I was only able to get a break some ten-odd minutes before my scheduled lunch break (twelve-thirty today).  Why do we have to save the asses of the CS people who’re supposed to be taking in these calls, hmm?  It’s mind-boggling really.

Managed to buy a replacement optical mouse.  Bought one more as a spare too.

Oh, and maintaining placement in my server’s top 500 in Kantai Collection is seriously burning me out.  30k Admiral exp per day is no laughing matter.  So for a change of pace, I played World of Tanks again.  It was mostly a fruitful session, though once again, playing that game exposes one of the biggest issues of my so-called “improved” connection: I often get kicked out of the game or lag out, which is why being in a platoon is crucial.

Still, it comes to show that I haven’t rusted that much.  Not enough to dig myself out of the hole I got myself into this Christmas, but at least it’s something.


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