A Lesser Amount Of Awful

I managed to wake up a little later than yesterday (to the point that I could do little else but take a bath and get changed), but in the end I still got to the Edsa MRT station at around seven or so… Which meant that there was a whole lot of people raring to go in already.  On the bright side, no massive line in sight, though there was already a line inside the station to the turnstiles.  

It wasn’t quite a traffic armageddon once I got to Pasong Tamo, though the movement of the vehicles on it was still pretty slow.  At least it wasn’t at a standstill though, which meant that I still had around a forty minute buffer to bright up my systems once I got to the office.

And what met me when I finally logged in?  Why, being tossed into the Walmart CS queue again of course.  This meant wall-to-wall calls as soon as I put my status as “available”, but unlike yesterday, the queue sort of started to quiet down at around eleven… Which is small comfort, really, given how it was still almost half of my shift.  Ugh.

As a weird consequence of waking up late, I had to do most of my morning Kancolle rituals at my work station… which meant I had little time to actually grind for Admiral experience, as it was almost lunchtime by the time I got all of the initial Daily Quests done.  Such was the slowdown of my office’s system.  Definitely not something set up, even for casual browser gaming.


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