Start Of A Week Alone

I woke up today to my father telling me that he’s leaving for the province again.  This leaves me alone for the week, which obviously meant that his parting words were a whole lot of instructions, focusing on not making a mess of the house while he was away.  Easy enough, really.

I went back to bed after that, but I got out sometime around ten or so to prepare for my lunch (and dinner in this case).  Whipped up something quick made up of carrots, tomatoes, vermicelli, pork, a potato (yes, singular), and a whole lot of spices and herbs.  Topped off with a liter and a half of cola, and you can say I was more than ready enough for the day.

Most which was of course spent either in front of the PC, or reading on my bed.  Intersped amidst these sessions was me getting the clothes from where they were hung outside, taking them in, folding them, and putting them into their respective places in our clothes cabinets.

After which, it was back to the PC for the rest of the afternoon.  


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