Not Really Bad, In Hindsight

Aside from the fact that I was barely able to have breakfast, my morning started mostly without a hitch.  There were no long lines at the MRT station — very likely due to the fact that it was a holiday, being the EDSA anniversary and all — and I was able to jump into the train that was already there.  The traffic at Pasong Tamo extension wasn’t too bad either, which was why I was able to arrive at the office little more than five minutes after seven.

The shift itself was one of the more laid-back ones, for a Tuesday anyway, to my relief.  Long avail times, and little if any spikes in the queue.  Couldn’t relax as much as I wanted though, but that’s largely the fault of where I was seated — close to one of the A/C vents.

Since I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to prepare a proper breakfast tomorrow, I bought myself some La Paz Batchoy on the way back home.  Ate some, but I left enough for tomorrow morning. After that, it was a nap until around eight.

Kind of hope that tomorrow would be just as laid-back, but in this business, it’s better to prepare for the worst instead.


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