Somewhat Pleasant

That’s to say that most of the day didn’t turn out stressful.  I got to work on time, and although I apparently was on Walmart duty day, I received less than ten calls from that particular queue all day, though the calls I did — or rather, the notes for them I had to do for documentation — were under constant scrutiny.  Had to redo some entries several times, as per guidance of my team coach.  Ugh.  Also had three QAs done on me, though I passed only two of them… which is good enough I suppose.

By the time I got home though… Well suffice to say, I didn’t care anymore and just went to bed, without setting an alarm.  The fact that I woke up at ten in the evening says a lot, especially since I went to bed at around four-thirty.  I was just that worn-out I suppose, though much of that was fatigue built over the past few days finally catching up with me.

Here’s to hoping that tomorrow will be more of the same, though in this line of work, can’t be too hopeful.


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