Took Shorter Than It Had Rights To

The highlight for the day obviously was the fact that I had to go and pick up my renewed passport at the DFA branch at the Megamall.  I didn’t leave early though, since the place opened at the same time the mall opened, so I still spent most of the morning in idleness.  Indeed, my sister, who had an appointment at a dermatologist in Makati, left earlier than me (though in her case to allow time to wander around Paseo de Roxas and actually find the clinic in question).

When I did leave though, the actual time it took to wait for my passport to be retrieved was actually very short, less than ten minutes in fact (at Area 6 hah).  By comparison, the trip to Ortigas was around twenty or so minutes, so technically I spent more time on the train, really

I didn’t go straight home after I got my passport though, and got down at Ayala for a short detour.  Had my hair trimmed, then a massage, but after that it was back to the house.

No surprise that the first question my sister asked me when I got home was whether or not I got our father’s passport as well.  I would have, except for the fact that I had no idea where he kept his receipt in, and what’s more, a signature was required when one retrieved the passport.  Obviously I can’t sign for my father now, can I?


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