Really In For It Now

March 31, 2014

It’s the first morning in a long time that I’d woken up in a sweat, which just confirms what many people in the city have likely expected: Summer is well and truly here.

Got to work without incident, and the workday itself was rather uneventful.  It was really sunny though when the shift ended, and unlike the previous day, there wasn’t any brisk wind to mitigate the heat.  Needless to say, I rode a jeep instead of walking to the station.

Made a detour to pay off some bills before I went home.  I’m kind of broke as a result, but this time around, what’s left in my bank account won’t even last five days, never mind the ten days to my next payday. Urgh.

Oh, and my father chewed me out, obviously, upon learning that my credit debt was divided between two cards rather than one.  And he once again poured on the shame factor, about how I should be in a better-paying job if I planned to use my card that much.  I want to, but the schedule is convenient ya know!

Really hope that the calls assigned to me tomorrow will be more on the merchant side of things, but I just expect the CS teams to be overmatched as usual.  What a big bother, really. 


Continuing On

March 30, 2014

Today’s shift brought more Merchant Calls than CS calls, which gives me some hope that my situation has returned to “normal”, or at least I hope so.  I have still no idea as to whether or not the Management is still keeping an eye on me with the proverbial magnifying glass, so this means I’m going to have to watch myself, particularly my tone…

Which I had a hard time doing today, as it seemed that ninety percent of the people calling in for their membership applications couldn’t seem to hear me for some reason.  Of course I had to raise my voice, but that puts me in danger of sounding “rude” if the call is pulled for review.  Ugh.  I just hope that whoever it is monitoring pays attention to how the callers say “I can’t hear you”, despite the fact that not is my phone’s volume at max already, I was just a step away from shouting into my headset’s mike.  Sheesh.

It was very sunny this afternoon once I got out, with nary a cloud in the sky.  Really hammers the point that Summer is here once more, but at least there was a strong wind blowing down Pasong Tamo, which negated the heat immensely.  

Oh, and apparently we had a blackout in our neighborhood for most of the day, and the electricity was only conveniently restored once I got back.  Huh.

Hoping for a relaxing day tomorrow, but in this line of work, it pays to not expect too much.

Expected, But I Still Did Not Like The Aftermath

March 29, 2014

Today was the “official” birthday party of my baby nephew, which was to be held at a Jollibee close to my sister’s house in Tandang Sora, but that wasn’t the place that I went to immediately, oh no.  It was off to school for a date with a panel. Yep, that panel.

Suffice to say, it didn’t go to well.  That’s all I’d like to say on the subject, given the embarrassment I was forced to experience.

Anyway, I still tried to get to the party, but by the time I got there, it was pretty much over.  I wasn’t the only one late though — our cousin Loida also arrived just after I did, but since all of the food had been taken back to the house, my brother-in-law had to drive us there first.  My father, along with the baby, was waiting of course, so we ate our fill there, and afterward, played a bit with the baby until it was around four, where we said our goodbyes.

Our brother-in-law dropped us off at Trinoma again, and from there it was an MRT ride home.

My father, of course, asked about my day at school eventually.  I explained, in few simple words, that I didn’t get the okay.  Not surprisingly, this made him blow up on me.  It was the usual tirade, about how I didn’t seem to have any ambition, how I was wasting my time, not using my hobbies to make money, being forced to rely on them for money and … how I was growing fat because I didn’t exercise early.  How that figured in me not passing the proposal, I had no idea either, but he likely just threw that in because he was growing both frustrated and angry at my lack of progress.

Then he steamed off, and didn’t come out of my sister’s room here at home for the rest of the evening.

I get where he’s coming from, and the frustration he felt I’ve experienced numerous times, but… Is it so hard to understand my situation?

Ugh, tomorrow’s — and maybe the next few days — will b awkward again, for sure.

That Difficulty As Usual

March 28, 2014

The difficulty of course, finding something to say about what mostly has been a lazy day off.  So I won’t even try.  Did my laundry, then spent the good part of my day in my room, pursuing hobbies that don’t require water, paint, and a whole lot of fine-tip brushes.  

As for tomorrow though… Ah, tomorrow’s the day I head to school for that dreaded panel.  In all honesty I have no faith in passing this time, but have to go anyway.

Then, maybe after I’m endured the academic grilling that I have coming to me, it’s off to my nephew’s “themed” birthday party at one of the Jollibees close to my sister’s house. Just hope that I could get there on time.

End-Week Surprises

March 27, 2014

So the first thing that I noted after I logged in today at the office was the fact that I was taking in both Merchant and Membership calls on top of the CS calls I’ve been answering for the past week or so, but this time around the former took a higher priority to the latter.  It came to the point where it was actually queuing at times for the CS calls, and it would still take a while before I’m forced to answer something from that queue.  I’m not sure if it signals a change in my situation, or whether Workforce finally understood just how hard-pressed the closing shift members where the Merchant functions were concerned, but I’m trying not to be too optimistic.

Tomorrow, aside from the chores, will be occupied by schoolwork.  Because, Saturday’s the day, as they say.

Pockets Full For A Change

March 26, 2014

While I’m a little happy that I have money again in the bank, it also means that it’s going to be altogether too easy to spend it all carelessly again.

The day started rather cloudy, and I was worried that we’d get rain again, but thankfully that wasn’t the case.  Got to the office without issue, though since this is our team coach’s last day on the team, well, let’s just say that I’m going to have to be really guarded from this point on with regards to my calls, as I’ve lost my only ally in the team with regards to the moratorium the management has put on me.

Speaking of the moratorium, while I started the day on the CS queue, around ten in the morning I was shifted over to the merchant and membership queues instead.  I guess Workforce finally wised up on the fact that, with me on CS full-time over the past week or so, left the Merchant-only guys on the team swamped with calls.  

Whether they’ll do this again from this point on will have to be seen, however.  There is no word after all on any decision made in the wake of all this monitoring done to me.

It was really hot today, so I passed on walking to the station.  Made a detour to buy a USB hub in the wake of the non-USB mouse port issue, as well as a USB mouse with longer cable.  Kind of worried if I’m just setting myself up for a bad case of octopus connections here…

Last day of the workweek tomorrow. Let’s see if I can squeak through with my sanity intact again.

Safety Net, Taken Away

March 25, 2014

I somehow managed to make it to the MRT station before 6 am, and I was actually worried that I’d run into another long line there. Luckily for me, none was to be found, and what’s more, I was able to jump into the train that was already there before the doors closed on me.

Was literally on my last few pesos today, so I actually had to borrow money (just about a hundred pesos) from my father just to survive for the day.  It’s kind of pathetic, I know, but since it was payday, all I had to do was last the shift, and I’d have money in the bank again.

Just the usual Tuesday for me, meaning yet another day filled with CS calls.  This time though I learned that our TC was being transferred out to the correspondence team, and another one was taking his place.  There goes one of my allies.  Now I’m really worried whether I’d last until next month at this rate.  Really have to be on my toes now.

It was actually raining a bit when I got off work.  I withdrew my pay, and quickly ran to the closeby Metrobank to deposit into my savings account.  Went straight to my sister’s house after that, and arrived there just as the rain grew stronger than a shower, but not quite enough to be a massive downpour — which was exactly what happened when my sister arrived from her work.  Was kind of conked out by then, but nothing a few glasses of cola didn’t fix.

So with my father, my brother-in-law, our cousin, and the baby birthday-boy himself (who woke up just in time), we celebrated his first birthday.  Really just a family affair, with pancit and pork barbecue to go around, though I never was able to taste that cake…

My brother-in-law drove me and my father to the Trinoma mall before the rush hour fully hit, and the two of us rode the MRT back to EDSA, then it was back to the house.