Really In For It Now

It's the first morning in a long time that I'd woken up in a sweat, which just confirms what many people in the city have likely expected: Summer is well and truly here. Got to work without incident, and the workday itself was rather uneventful.  It was really sunny though when the shift ended, and unlike … Continue reading Really In For It Now

Continuing On

Today's shift brought more Merchant Calls than CS calls, which gives me some hope that my situation has returned to "normal", or at least I hope so.  I have still no idea as to whether or not the Management is still keeping an eye on me with the proverbial magnifying glass, so this means I'm … Continue reading Continuing On

Expected, But I Still Did Not Like The Aftermath

Today was the "official" birthday party of my baby nephew, which was to be held at a Jollibee close to my sister's house in Tandang Sora, but that wasn't the place that I went to immediately, oh no.  It was off to school for a date with a panel. Yep, that panel. Suffice to say, … Continue reading Expected, But I Still Did Not Like The Aftermath

That Difficulty As Usual

The difficulty of course, finding something to say about what mostly has been a lazy day off.  So I won't even try.  Did my laundry, then spent the good part of my day in my room, pursuing hobbies that don't require water, paint, and a whole lot of fine-tip brushes.   As for tomorrow though... … Continue reading That Difficulty As Usual

End-Week Surprises

So the first thing that I noted after I logged in today at the office was the fact that I was taking in both Merchant and Membership calls on top of the CS calls I've been answering for the past week or so, but this time around the former took a higher priority to the … Continue reading End-Week Surprises

Pockets Full For A Change

While I'm a little happy that I have money again in the bank, it also means that it's going to be altogether too easy to spend it all carelessly again. The day started rather cloudy, and I was worried that we'd get rain again, but thankfully that wasn't the case.  Got to the office without … Continue reading Pockets Full For A Change

Safety Net, Taken Away

I somehow managed to make it to the MRT station before 6 am, and I was actually worried that I'd run into another long line there. Luckily for me, none was to be found, and what's more, I was able to jump into the train that was already there before the doors closed on me. … Continue reading Safety Net, Taken Away

Opening With The Usual Calm

I actually left the house somewhat later than usual.  Got too engrossed in getting as many of the quests in Kantai Collection done before I had to leave for work.  Kind of lucky that I managed to avoid getting late too, though ten minutes was cutting it really close. As expected, I answered CS calls … Continue reading Opening With The Usual Calm

Running On Empty

Down to literally my last hundred peso in my savings account.  It was two hundred when I got off work... then I had to buy myself a new prepaid ticket for the MRT, as the one I currently had only had two-odd rides left to it. While I didn't exactly starve while I was at … Continue reading Running On Empty

Expected, But Still Disappointing

Like I promised in the previous entries, I took our printer to have it looked at by the people at the HP Service Center at Buendia.  The cause of the issue was something I already expected -- because one of the color cartridges had dried up on its contacts, the scanner for it suffered damage. … Continue reading Expected, But Still Disappointing