The Usual Stuff

Suffice to say that I spent most of the day again in idleness.  The only reason I woke up early really was because somehow my nephew’s baby laughter somehow broke through my slumber.  And I can’t really say that I used the time wisely either, spending most of the day just seated in front of the PC. Ergh.

And all of a sudden it’s back to work tomorrow.  Where did my weekend go?  

Kantai Welp
Subs, against big battleships that have absolutely no way of striking back. Seems fair.

Oh right, it went into grinding World 5-4 in Kantai Collection.  On the bright side, I managed to get what I wanted in that map — Kumano, Uzuki, and Akigumo.

Oh, and incidentally, Axel?  He got published.  I’m happy that Blind Spot got published — I remember reading the draft for it, so many years ago — but at the same time I’m terribly jealous.  Kind of a normal thing, really, but that’s what happens when you’re over thirty and don’t have a published work to your name yet.

Ah, here’s the usual hope that it won’t be too hard tomorrow, queue-wise.


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