All Relaxing Thoughts Dispelled

And here I was hoping that I could have used the day to relax. It was a naive hope at best.

Woke up early, got prepared early, but somehow only managed to get to the MRT station around seven-ish.  At least there weren’t any lines there, though there was a bit of a bottleneck once I got down to the platform, due to the somewhat new practices implemented by the station management.  To be specific, due to the placement of the stares, most of the people going down were funneled into the front half of the platform… which led to quite a bit of overcrowding there, and there were a whole lot of obvious complaining done by some of the people already there.  

Then when the train that arrived unloaded, it was a mad dash to the second and third cars… Yeah.

As I mentioned, I was expecting a relaxing day at the office, as Monday shifts usually were… Except this time we were down two people.  This meant that, for a good part of the day, it would be only me and another person taking in calls.  Wonderful.  Obviously it started queuing once the night shift people and those on overtime finally left.

That said, there was a short moment of levity though, when apparently my first break and the lunch of the other guy on duty overlapped… leading to a fifteen-minute period where no one was on call.  Workforce sure didn’t expect that one.

In the end, the spikes in the queue continued for most of the day, and indeed we were still experiencing spikes around thirty minutes before the shift ended.  Ugh.  No wonder I was so glad to get home to rest.


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