Elbow To Elbow

And all of a sudden, it’s Ash Wednesday.  This meant that, after making a slight detour to the nearby Savemore SM payment station, it was off to Baclaran for the novena as well as the putting of ash.  It almost turned into a bad idea, as there was a whole lot of people there, and it was hard going just getting into Baclaran Church’s grounds, nevermind the church itself.  It’s a good thing there were lay people assigned ash duties waiting outside, or else it’d be impossible to shoulder myself into the church.

I didn’t stay until the end of the mass though, to avoid the crush of people who’d eventually come out.  Not surprising how I got home way earlier than my father, who apparently stayed until the very end.  Hmm

As for my shift at work, otherwise uneventful.  Somehow managed to convince my TC to push me lower on the queue priority, after I noticed as I was the one getting all the Walmart calls, rather than CS, the people who’re supposed to take in those calls.


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