Late For Once

I woke up pretty late for a weekend, even later than the time I got up last week, if you can believe it.  It was well past ten-thirty actually, which goes to show just how late I actually went to bed at.

Nothing really much to share about my day aside from that.  Still did the laundry despite waking up close to noon, spent the rest of my afternoon on my hobbies, and at around three or so I started on the spaghetti.  Proud to say that I prepared everything by myself, and did a pretty good job of it too. I was somewhat worried at how I had to use the old pasta that we forgot about inside the fridge (which my father had worked on a while back in taking out wheat lice), and it did take a while for me to somehow neutralize the default sour taste of the Hunts can of tomato sauce I used (it involved a lot of dried herbs, pepper, and sugar), but it worked out for once.

Nephew is now able to walk around a few steps on his own… And is now prone to trying to open up everything his little arms could reach.  If I wasn’t so strapped for cash, I’d be looking into some locked display cases right about now.


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