Another Weekend Of Indolence

And another one where I got up extremely late as well.  This time it was barely thirty minutes to eleven in the morning.  Playing until late no longer suits me, for sure.

Nothing much to share about my day today.  Just…  this ever growing annoyance at how useless I’m feeling, is all.

sigh *

Just stuff about my nephew’s hijinks I suppose.  The little guy could now stand up unsupported on his own… for three seconds.  Then he either sits down, or tries to hobble towards the first thing that catches his eye.  

Despite taking care around him, he still managed to slip (and on my foot no less) during a visit to my room, and bump his head on the floor of my room.  He got a little scratch on his forehead as a result, but he was crying for a while after that… then he apparently fell asleep in my sister’s arms.  Funny how things worked out.

Tomorrow, ugh, work again.  I’m reminded that I’m in a critical juncture of my employment, and have to watch myself for the duration.  Tone, and courtesy…  

Yeah, I’m screwed.


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