That Was Not Fine

So aside from the fact that starting today, with the clocks turned back an hour in the US, I have to go to work an hour early again, there’s also the fact that I probably received the worst start to any workday ever.  As soon as I got my system started up, my team coach took me aside to break to me the bad news — the local management is this close to dropping me like a hot potato (as per their email that said TC was nice enough to show me), and I was on the final written warning stage.  So one more screw up, and it’s adios gainful employment.

Now where did this kind of thing happen before?  Oh yes, way back when I was at Access Worldwide.  Except this time around I didn’t have a sympathetic team lead backing me up.  I do have a TC, but there’s only so much said TC could do.  Ugh, all that pressure, and I’m not sure that even on my best behavior I’d survive the scrutiny.  

I’ll just have to do what I can.

It’s no wonder I feel so burned out, despite technically only taking in barely half the number of calls I usually take in.  So, bed.  Yeah.  Hopefully that does me some good, at least.


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