Living On Margins

Getting to the MRT station today was significantly better than how it was this Monday, primarily due to the fact that there was no longer any massive line stretching to the corridor outside of the station.  Instead the line was much more reasonable, and what’s more, only stretched several paces from the turnstiles, so it didn’t take me long to get to the train platform at all.

I got to work with thirty minutes to spare, but that didn’t mean I took my time getting in, oh no.  I got everything that I needed up… then waited.

Despite being put on lowered priority and limited queue due to my, ehem, status at work, I still had to contend with backed up queues for both the merchant and membership segments.  On the bright side, even with these, I was better off to the rest of the morning team, who were forced to pinch-hit again for CS by answering the usual flood of WalMart calls.

A reminder just why I’m not taking in WalMart calls to begin with put a damper on my thoughts real quickly.  Needless to say, I spent the rest of the shift on guard, which meant I tried to be as pleasant-sounding as I could to my callers, despite the fact that half of them seem to be deaf boobs who had no right to having phones in the first place.  Urgh.  I seriously had to control myself from raising my voice just to be heard too.

That aside, there was a good amount of rain today, which started around mid-morning, and persisted past noon.  I was worried that it would still be pouring once we got out, but by that time the rain had given out, and instead we were left with a good amount of cloud cover instead.  Both dry and not sweating.  What’s there not to like?

With my finances once more at a critical level, I’ve been forced to fall back on trying to live on a hundred pesos per day.  It’s… hard.  Inflation aside, there’s very little that one can buy for a hundred pesos in Makati that can be both filling and last you the rest of the day.  It’s a good thing I brought those bananas from the house when I did.

Another day tomorrow.  Hope I can keep this up long enough to put the opinion on me from “bad” back to “neutral” at the very least.


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