Slips And Slides

Despite my best intentions, I still somehow managed to wake up early.  I dragged myself out of bed, fully expecting to be berated on not starting on the laundry while I was at it… Then I remembered that, with the arrival of my cousin’s replacement, I’m off laundry duty, until at least next week before she has to go with my sister to her house at Quezon City.

Didn’t do a whole lot today but catch up on my downloaded anime, and when my sister arrived in the afternoon, watch the baby.  My nephew can now balance himself on his own, and can walk five or so steps unsupported, so most of that time it was me and my father escorting the little guy as he ambled around the house, except this time we only held one of his hands, or kept our hands to his sides, and only stepped in when he started to stumble.

The fact that my nephew has started to walk reminds me now to make sure the places where my Space Marines are displayed in open view are secure and, most importantly, not accessible to curious toddlers.


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