Too Much Lazy In These Bones

It’s no big surprise, but I accomplished absolutely nothing of worth today.  While I woke up before nine, I think I spent the bulk of the day trying to make transitioning my desktop PC to Windows 7 as painless as possible.  This meant that I had to manually pick out the things I wanted to preserve — desktop icons, Firefox and Chrome profiles, move documents and pics, that’s sort of stuff.

With everything done, I went and formatted my C: drive, then put in the new OS.  The actual installation and first booting went off without a hitch…  It was what came after that was a problem.  Apparently, when I restarted after Windows 7 updated, something went wrong, which meant that, for hours after, Windows 7 wouldn’t actually boot up.  I had to try and figure out what exactly caused the problem to begin with, but in the end I had to revert to an earlier update waypoint to get things working again.

And even then, I’m not really sure if things will still continue to work if, say, I switched off the PC tomorrow before I go to work.  Too scared to try, because if it doesn’t boot up, then that’s a while lot of worry I’m going to carry with me to work tomorrow, something I can’t afford given how I’m being monitored.

In any case, my preparedness paid off, as my desktop right now resembles what I had before shifting to Windows 7, I have all my links (and passwords too), plus my previous sessions have been preserved.  The only problem I see right now… Well, playing Kantai Collection now places a huge strain on my system.  I’m regularly seeing 90%+ usage, which makes me worried that my processor has finally hit its limit.

Or maybe I just need to add more RAM.  It’s still worrisome though.

Oh, and finally, my sister finally bought new ink pots for our printer… Except despite the tri-color cartridge being new and full, the printer still thinks that it’s empty, and won’t print.  I’m worried that ink might have gunked up and dried on the contacts to the color cartridge, but there’s no real way to check unless I bring it to the service people… Which is a heck of a walk, even if I start from the Buendia MRT station.  Urgh.  Another worry for next weekend, I guess

As for my anime watching, well…

And so, the final challenger appears!
And so, the final challenger appears!

Best girl?  Best girl.


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