On Top Of All The Other Stuff I Already Worry About

I woke up early, but was annoyed to find that, when I tried to move the mouse on my PC, that its pointer on the screen didn’t respond.  Thankfully the keyboard was still functioning, but I always found navigating using the mouse much easier, so I removed it from its port, then reconnected… only to find that in the process the keyboard didn’t respond either.  After some trial and error (and several restarts — thankfully Windows 7 booted up each time), I came to the conclusion that there’s something wrong with the port that the mouse used, likely a lose contact.

It was annoying, but this pretty much forced me to make use of one of the USB ports for a USB mouse, the latter of which still worked fine.  It made things somewhat awkward though, as the one USB optical mouse we owned that still had a functioning right button also happened to have a short cable.  Ugh.

Might have to look into getting a USB hub at this rate… Except I have no money.  I hate being poor.

All that tinkering around with the PC almost made me late for work.  I still somehow managed to arrive ten minutes before the shift though, and logging in was relatively quick this time around.  As expected though, I pretty much had to wade through an almost never-ending stream of CS calls (due to being monitored), most of them from Walmart obviously.

I did breathe a sigh of a relief when the queue went silent around eleven in the morning.  I experienced about an hour of peace… then all of a sudden I was getting merchant and membership calls again.  Don’t those fools at Workforce know I’m supposed to be only taking in CS calls for the duration of the monitoring (meaning, yes, all calls should cease come noon).  Tsk.

So tired, so I think I’ll turn in early.


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