Feeling That Burn

Today… Wasn’t a good day.  Despite waking up early, I was a hair’s breadth from getting late.  What’s worse, as it’s a Tuesday, which meant a whole lot of Walmart and CS calls that I’d rather not take, and with good reason — I was this close to blowing up on a customer.  My Team Coach was forced to make me log off for ten minutes just to cool off.  It was that bad, and when you consider that I was being monitored, well, it would have been game over then and there.

Honestly, I’m surprised I lasted through the shift.  The three hours without calls after the clock hit eleven is a godsend in that way, but man, I still felt down when I got home.  I wanted to vent some… But then I found my father in my room, for some reason cleaning out one of our cabinets.  I figure that he was just trying to find things to do in the afternoon, but boy that killed any hotblooded urge to rant online (in a certain social media site) a while.

I did so eventually though, and it wasn’t even thirty minutes when my mother called us on the landline to ask what the hell was I doing.  I told it as is — I had a bad day, I felt the need to vent, so I did it on that social media site.  Amazingly, she was panicked at how I apparently revealed to the whole world that I was nearly broke and what’s worse, almost 40k pesos in debt (due to credit cards, yep).  I pointed it out to her that I never really posted there anyway, and no one read my profile too, so it’s fine.

Naturally she had some words with my father after that too.  It was obviously serious, as my father soon retreated downstairs to boot up the laptop so the two of them could talk privately on Skype.  

He stayed there for more than thirty minutes.

I won’t think about what the two of them talk about.  Likely just a whole lot of disappointment at how I’ve turned out.  I have tomorrow to worry about, and the shift tomorrow isn’t likely going to be any easier.


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