That Noticeable Change In The Air

As the title notes, it’s hard not to notice how warm it’s becoming during mornings, to the point I was actually sweating when I woke up, despite the fact that the fan in my room was turned up to its highest setting.  That means that it’s just a matter of time before summer hits the city again, but for me, it’s once again another sign at just how much time I’ve wasted.  Ugh.

The day at the office brought the usual flood of Walmart calls to take in.  I amassed a total of twenty-four calls this time, not too much at first glance, but when you recall how each call stretches anywhere from seven to ten minutes or more, well, that’s just way too many calls for yours truly.  This did mean however that, once eleven hit, I was once more free of calls, though our TC had me added back to the membership queue during the last hour because one of the Merchant-only members of the team got locked out of his system.

Arrived at home just in time to catch my father as he left for Baclaran.  Didn’t linger too long in front of the PC, and jumped into bed as soon as I could.

Ah, last day of the week couldn’t come as soon as it should.


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