Free Day To Do Some Thinking

Slept like a log last night, so it’s no wonder that I woke up a little late today.  Just ten minutes or so after my alarm rang.  After getting my bearings, it was the usual morning routine, then straight to the laundry.  After the washing, rinsing, and putting the clothes up to dry though, it was a relatively subdued lunch with my father.  The two of us talked about my situation, and I pointed out that, by bailing me out of my debt again, it’ll likely just lower my sister’s already low opinion on me (parental favoritism and all that), but my father insisted that, at least this time, it would be best to leave her out of the loop.  This did nothing to help with my self-esteem though.

Did little during the rest of the afternoon.  In hindsight, I should have brought the printer to be checked at the service center at Buendia, but I supposed it slipped my mind.  Around mid-afternoon I started to nod off, so it was off to a 3-hour nap, which made me miss the arrival of my nephew and my sister as a result.

Tomorrow, I suppose.


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